Hot off the Press: Pressed Flowers

Pressed Flowers take on a super-fresh spin when Derek Woodruff gets his creative juices flowing. This nostalgic craft technique transforms jewelry, stationery, iPhone cases, picture frames, switch plates… well, anything you like.  As summer winds down, here are some really creative ways to preserve the season’s freshest picks!

Special thanks to our friend and guest contributor, Derek, for these amazing and inspiring ideas!

Flowers can have a very prominent presence in our lives.  Throughout the warmer seasons we are constantly surrounded by them.  If you happen to live in a geographic location with cooler seasons, you may have to find creative ways to bring flowers into your life on a regular basis.

Pressing flowers can be a fun, easy and creative way to preserve flowers and keep them near year round.  There are many companies that create pressed floral items for purchase such as and Goodwill’s Paperworks Studio.  If you are feeling really creative, there are many DIY projects you can find online.  See below for some photos to inspire your pressed flower project!  Happy pressing!

Check out this quick how-to video if you’re ready to start a pressed flowers project of your own. Another basic tutorial here.

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