Flowers in Design

Like most creative types, I love thumbing through magazines looking for inspiration.  I’m always quick to grab a home decor magazine and dream of what my house could look like one day (after I win the lottery).  I’m one to notice details, so it takes me a while to get through a magazine packed with new ideas and big glossy photos.

Since I’ve been working at Syndicate and in the floral industry, I’ve been noticing different details as I flip through the pages.  My eyes go directly toward any floral arrangement or botanical that is used in the room’s decor.  You’ll notice that in most professional photo shoots flowers are included in the design of the room.  They are a perfect finishing touch to a well designed space.  Sometimes flowers can even become a focal point of a room that pulls the whole design together. Notice in the photos below how the flowers are a big part of the design.  Imagine the space with out the flowers and it seems dull and flat.  These arrangements give the room a little more depth as well as another textural element full of color.

Not only can flowers fill  your home with a pleasing aroma, but they can serve as a design element too. So go scope out your living areas and incorporate some fresh flowers into your design!

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