A Stackable Statement!



Wow! This is one of the best makeovers I’ve seen in a while…how about you?  I was truly stunned the first time I saw this amazing design.  Not only is this piece visually brilliant but the forethought and vision for such a design is inspiring.

This gorgeous display was created by the Chapel Designers at a conference in Santa Barbara, CA.  Two of the designers were  Kim Starr Wise  and Kate Minelian of Studio Kate Floral   They took a Stackable and totally transformed its bare bones.  This is what Kim had to say about the inspiration, “I thought about creating a “mohawk” with the flowers (an arrangement that went over the top, front to back) while utilizing the negative space so you could see the flowers and the container.  That’s part of the reason we painted it gold, so that the we wouldn’t have to cover the entire container with flowers to hide the white base.”

I actually like seeing the mechanics of this arrangement, it adds another layer of interest and depth.  Stackables do hold paint really well, which enables you to create your own custom container for a specific design.  Here, the designers used Design Master 24K Gold which is a smashing contrast with the red.  The Aquafoam was soaked and then the flowers were placed.  The main flowers used were red Dahlias, Cinnamon Roses and those eye popping red Anemones.

Another great thing about a Stackable is the ease of transportation.  Each layer breaks down so you can actually design each tray separately and then build it on site.  Kim recommends using this type of an arrangement for any event at an escort card table, sign in table or guest book table.  “It has a large presence and makes a statement; not for the average table centerpiece.”

For some more ideas on how to use Stackables click here for a design video or here for product details.

Thank you so much Kim and Kate for sharing your imagination and creativity!

Stackable Statement

Stackable Centerpiece

Close Up


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