Ask the Expert: Potting Plants

Today I’m asking our in-house florist extraordinaire, Tom Bowling, to give us some insights into potted plants and terrariums.  They are fun to look at and great decor for you house but do you know how to properly care for them?  Here’s what Tom has to say on the subject…

Trending now is the Antique Chic or Vintage look. The appreciation for objects and icons of the past are where many people are with home decorating. Blending or melding current colors and comfortable symbols of the past seem to be popping up in many current shelter magazines from Home & Garden, to House Beautiful to Architectural Digest on some level. One of the retro trends we are seeing is the use of house plants and especially terrariums. Yes, it’s a snap-back to the 70’s when life was less threatening and a bit simpler.

 Syndicate Sales has many great containers that are very appropriate and conducive for displaying potted green plants in today’s interiors. The challenge is how to plant a potted plant in a container where there are not drain holes for proper drainage. The solution is usually in preparing the container to be planted with a good 1”- 1 ½” of good drainage material such as pea gravel, broken terra-cotta pots or any porous material. Pea gravel is available at most craft stores and should be put in prior to any soil or plants. This gravel will help separate the roots from the water and help deter future rot. After adding the base layer of gravel, next add a couple of inches of good potting soil that contains the nutrients necessary for the plants to continue to grow and mature. Then add the plants to the soil and cover with additional potting soil.

 The top surface can be covered with sheet moss, Spanish moss or perhaps some decorative stones for increased aesthetic impact. The real secret however lies in adding enough water to keep the plant alive and looking good without adding so much that the plant is sitting in water and the soil starts to smell. Keep plant compatibility in mind when mixing plants in a container. While mixed plants may have more aesthetic impact, they may not always need the same amount of water, light and TLC. Usually most plants need to be watered once a week or less depending on the light, humidity, and variety of plant.

Now that we have had potting 101, it’s time to get planting!  Click here to see Syndicate’s Naturals line which is perfect for Fall planting and decor.

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