Chicklet Chatter

I’m getting my very own CHICKLET!!!  No, it’s not a baby bird or a small rectangular piece of gum… those were my first guesses too.  In the world of social media a chicklet is the little square icon that, when clicked on, takes you directly to a website.  We all are familiar with the blue square with the lowercase ” f ” for Facebook or the little white bird for Twitter.  Now, Millie’s Musings will have its own identity in an icon.  Not only will this shortcut be on Syndicate’s website, but you can put it on your website as well.  Your customers can follow industry news, ideas and trends in just a click of a button… or chicklet in this case! Just follow the directions below to embed the icon onto your site.

Select the size you desire and then select the code below and paste it on to your blog or website.
Millie's Musings 16 X 16

Millie's Musings 32 X 32

Millie's Musings 50 X 50

Seems pretty simple to me.  Thanks for following me on this blogging journey.  I always love to hear from you, feel free to email with any post ideas, questions or comments.

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