Countdown to Prom

Do you remember those feelings of butterflies and that weird awkwardness as you met your prom date at the front door (which your family never uses)? Questions such as “how do I pin a boutonniere on?” or “will my corsage match my dress?” run through your mind as you try to walk gracefully in your new heels.  Yes, it’s a right of passage we all remember, some good memories and some not so good!

Many of you with retail shops will soon have the chance to create something special for those about to embark on this journey.  What a great opportunity to make a fun, personalized piece that brings a smile to one’s face.  So, when the boy calls asking for a corsage, ask him about his date with a few questions (not just about the color of her dress).  What is she into? Does she play sports? Is she plain or fancy? Is she daring or a home-body? Does she like rock-n-roll or country music?  This will give you few insights to know if you should use traditional roses for the homecoming queen or a steam punk wristlet for the alternative chick.  Either way, a great opportunity to show your creativity.

Speaking of creativity, let’s talk boutonnieres.  Most boys aren’t going to pay much attention to their flowers, so why not incorporate something that does catch their eye. For example use camouflage accents or tuck a fishing lure into the design for the outdoorsy guy.  Think out of the box, it can be a fun way for him to express his personality.

I’ve put together a Pinterest board just for this momentous occasion.  You’ll find the traditional prom corsage as well as some unusual and clever ideas. As an added resource, visit our prom page on our website for all the product you’ll need.  Get inspired and be the one all the kids are talking about this year!

Pinterest board

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