Easter Terrariums

By now everyone is familiar with the terrarium craze.  I used to think of terrariums as those glass boxes that frogs and lizards were kept in.  Now when I think of terrariums, images of greenery and lush plant life come to mind- a fresh revival of the old glass box.

I have to admit I love to see new ideas that creative minds come up with to fill thier glass canisters. I also love the versatility of terrariums- everything from the different glass shapes to all the different mediums you can use to design with. They are the perfect way to add a custom accent to your home decor or a fun display for your outdoor space. (for an easy terrarium design check out Syndicate’s video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06UiCMrzYgA)

As Easter is approaching I thought it would be fun to post some festive holiday terrarium designs.  I may create my own this weekend and who knows… I may invite a lizard to stay!

  • flower terrarium
  • easter terrarium
  • Egg shaped terrarium
    Egg shaped terrarium
  • Nest
  • Egg display
    Egg display
  • Easter environment
    Easter environment
  • Colorful candy display
    Colorful candy display





  1. Tamara says:

    Fun idea! I may need to find some ideas and attempt one either for R’s room or for the screened in porch now that warm weather is arriving. Thanks, Millie!

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