Say it ain’t so?

Recently we’ve been getting some good feedback about our new product Flex Wrap. I find it helpful to hear what others have to say and how they are using a product before I give it a shot, so I thought I would share. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to experience Flex Wrap…this is for you!

I’ll start with a note from our friend Marie Majusiak of Watertown Flowers in South Dakota.
“Just wanted to let you know that for 45 years I have been a staunch supporter of spool wire. However you can teach an old florist new tricks! I positively LOVE Flex Wrap! I was very skeptical when you passed out free samples at that last open house I attended. Got back to the shop, threw it in a drawer and expected it to stay there until we were cleaning out old product. When I was designing my next wedding the following weekend and looking for ribbon to wrap the hand ties I thought why let something else just sit there. I could not believe how quick and secure ( no more leaves falling out) my bouquets were. Great product! Thanks so much for my first rolls and encouraging me to try it. I definitely will continue to buy it. I might even be looking forward to this weekend’s fall formal and all the hand ties!”

This is a quote from Alex Jackson of Phoenix Flower Shops, one of the designers who volunteered his talents for the SAF Convention.
“We used it to wrap every one of the presentation bouquets (about 90 of them) that were given to award recipients and speakers. Part of the brilliance of Flex Wrap is that it performs perfectly in water and towel dries very quickly so that the bouquet can be properly presented.”

One last comment is from Ikuko Hashimoto of Brady’s Floral Gallery, these are her thoughts on Flex Wrap.
“Impressive variety of colors. Very easy to work with. Very durable under water.  Does not lose its adhesive quality.”

In case you are totally lost and have no idea what Flex Wrap is I’m including one of our videos below.  Otherwise… get your wheels turning and flex your creativity!!

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