Flex Wrap Flower Crowns!

It’s the third week of summer and the perfect time for beach trips. We are kicking off this week with a peek at a bachelorette party beach weekend and the accessories that really brought the party…silk flower crowns! Hillary Hall of Hilarita has found yet another use for our Flex Wrap. She used it to add the perfect color-coordinated finishing touch to her handmade crowns. These ladies are definitely channeling Frida Kahlo in their oversized crowns, and we’ve decided the bigger the better!


They’re perfect for special occasions and definitely elevate the experience and the photos. Hillary also makes real flower crowns, but for a weekend like this silk fit the bill. We checked in with Hillary to see what exactly Flex Wrap helped her do:

“I get a lot of requests for over sized flower crowns, which naturally means the crowns are heavier! Flex Wrap adds the perfect amount of extra grip and helps keep the crowns in place. The texture kind of “grabs” your hair without pulling it and keeps the crown in place all day! It’s so nice to not worry about the placement of your crown or having it slide off and to just be able to enjoy yourself on a special occasion. Coordinating the color of the Flex Wrap with the flowers also gives the crowns an extra polished look rather than just using a standard wrapped floral wire. I will definitely use it more!”

Flex Wrap Flower Crown


Pink, green, and blue Flex Wrap

Flex Wrap Flower Crown

Here you can see how Hillary used the green Flex Wrap around the floral wire







Flex Wrap comes in a ton of colors and three sizes (see them here!), but Hillary used the 1 inch Wrappin’ Rainbow assortment 423-72-471 below.


We have used Flex Wrap before to decorate vases, wrap bouquets, make bows, make drink tags. and streamers, but this is the first time we have seen it used with flower crowns, and we love it! Thanks so much for sharing Hillary. If anyone has any more creative ideas for using Flex Wrap, tell us in the comments below!


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