Flex Wrap

Syndicate has just launched its new, innovative product called Flex Wrap! It’s a creative accessory that I think all florists will have fun experimenting with.  (I have several rolls on my desk that I’ve been playing with for the last few weeks.)

Most commonly, I think designers will use it in the same capacity that ribbon would be used.  The benefit of the Flex Wrap is that it tears easily (no scissors) and it sticks to itself (no glue or adhesive).  It’s great for making bows, wrapping bouquets, and just adding color to an arrangement.  It comes in many sizes, colors and patterns so the sky is the limit as to what you can create.

We have 2 tutorial videos on our website that show some basic uses for the product.  Click here to view:  Flex Wrap Video

Below are some more images as to what you can do with Flex Wrap.  I love the idea of creating a whole bouquet out of it … a great idea for a summer barbecue center piece. So, order some Flex Wrap today and start rolling, sticking and tearing – we’d love to see what designs you come up with!

Flowers 1

Flowers 3 new

Flowers 4

Flowers 2

Layered Cake2


  1. Katherin Edwards says:

    interesting. it may be new to florists but it’s actually an old product used for wrapping horses’ legs –it called Vet wrap and is a 3 M product. As a florist for the last 25 years and a thoroughbred groom before that, i find it interesting to see the different applications of the same product.

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