Did you know?

  •  Aquafoam is made right here in the good ole USA?  Syndicate has been manufacturing Aquafoam in Kokomo, Indiana for the last 20 years.
  • Syndicate was the first company to score floral foam.
  • There is a right way and a wrong way to soak Aquafoam.


A little tidbit from our in-house scientist, Bill DeBoer, on the correct way to soak Aquafoam:

“Aquafoam bricks are made up of thousands of little bubbles or cells.  It is these bubbles or cells that give the foam its water holding capacity (greater than 90%).  Floating the foam allows the bubbles to fill up with water ensuring that the brick is holding the maximum amount of water.  If you force a brick i.e. dunk it, air can become trapped and not allow water to enter into a section of bubbles or cells which shows up as a dry spot in the foam.  I have done numerous little studies and there is no time advantage between floating and dunking.  While you may not always get dry spots with dunking why risk it when time is not an advantage?”  (Wrong ways include: forcing foam under water, spraying foam with water, placing bricks in tub then filling with water)

So, how do you Float Your Foam? Bill shows us exactly what to do and what not to do in this video.  Take a few minutes to watch, you’ll be much happier with your results!

In short, follow these easy steps:
-Cut top of box, tear open sides
-Fill a container of water
-Face holes down
-Float brick 30-45 seconds

Now it’s your turn to go and #FloatYourFoam!!

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