Floral Design vs. Interior Design

As some of you know, my background and training is interior design and this is my first job in the floral industry.  So, today I thought I would merge the two design worlds as I have recognized many similarities in designing with flowers and designing for a home.

I think good design is universal and utilizes the basic elements and principles such as scale, color, texture, balance, form, etc.  For many designers these concepts are second nature and aren’t consciously thought about while creating.  However, I believe these are just the things that draw a person to a particular floral arrangement or that makes someone feel peaceful in a certain room.

One of my favorite design elements to create with is color. Whether it’s a bold wall color or just a mixture of fun fabrics, color makes a statement.  The same goes for floral design.  I love that nature has provided so many colorful options that enable almost any color palette.

As I have been looking at different floral arrangements and trends, I have been struck by the similarities that are used in home décor.  Below are just a few examples of how the two go hand in hand.

Take away for the day… Good design goes a long way!

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Flower-Home Photos4

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