Getting Personal

Our consumer culture has changed drastically over the last few decades and you can blame it all on Starbucks!  Remember when you would just order a plain black coffee, add your cream and sugar and off you went?  Starbucks has changed all of that and now you can personalize your drink according to size, type of milk, additional flavoring, whip or no whip and you even get your name on the cup….whew, so many decisions!  In studying our buying habits a Huffington Post article explains it like this, “Since the late ’80s many consumers have desired products that meet their exact needs. No longer does “one size fit all.” Customers expect it their way and are willing to pay for it. Author Joseph Pine II, states that “every customer is his own market.”  In response to this trend, all kinds of companies are offering customization of their products. Two that I’m familiar with are NIKEiD (design your own running shoes) and The Blend by Fred Segal (blend their scents to make your own personal fragrance).

The floral industry is no different when it comes to consumers.  Therefore, more personalized and unique items should be in your offering. Syndicate’s Flower Recipes can help you do just that.  Our arrangements are created in many different styles and shown in all kinds of containers.  From modern white glass to colored vintage jars to rustic burlap we have it all.  Just last week we added 25 new Recipes for the Holidays and Valentine’s Day that will make your website pop.  I encourage you to try them out, the more diverse your offering the more likely the consumer will find something that suits them just right.

Below are two of my favorite new Recipes, click here to see them all.  Get on board and get personal…we think it will pay off!

Wrapped n Burlap_Page_1

Pink Panache_Page_1



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