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Have you heard about Syndicate’s Flower Recipes?  Better yet, have you used them?

Syndicate has put together a library of over 100 free recipes for retailers to use.  Here are 5 ways in which our recipes can help boost your business.

1. They are FREE.  That means you can add them to your shop’s website as a menu item at no cost!  You just plug your pricing in and voila, a beautiful image and description is at your disposal.

2.  Point of sales counter visual.  If a customer walks in with a budget but not a vision, you can show your collection of recipes for an immediate sell.  (A picture is worth a thousand words) The customer then sees
what he gets for the money he spends.

3.  Organizational Tool. You can catalog your recipes by occasion, season or price point for easy reference.

4.  Talking Points.  Keep your notebook of recipes by the phone so your sales staff can easily talk about arrangement options and pricing when a customer calls.

5.  Consistency.  By plugging your costs in, you are able to keep consistent pricing and clearly see your profit margins.

Bonus benefit:  You have a professional product shot which is great for social media.

Visit our website today and see all of the various options that are yours for the picking!  We even have an instructional video that will take you through the process step by step.  Let us know which ones are your favorites…we’d love to hear from you.

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