Jars in July!

With many occasions to celebrate in the summer months, none is quite as fun as July 4th!  Whether you’re going to a local parade, skimming the lake on an innertube or just sitting on your porch rocker there are always memories to be made.  If your family is like mine, we always end up in someone’s back yard for a good ole’ American cookout.

I am a huge fan of decorating for these types of parties.  Simple and casual is the key so why not use those jars you’ve been stockpiling from all those DIY weddings?  They really are versatile and add a little charm too.  Here are a few quick tips:

  • Jars make great centerpieces just by adding a few stems of  gerbera daisies or hydrangeas.  Add a festive ribbon and send them home with your guests as a patriotic treat.
  • Jars are also great for sorting.  To keep your table neat place all your utensils and napkins in separate jars and display them on a decorative tray with the plates at the beginning of your buffet line.
  • Make a jar lantern in a few easy steps:  Fill jar halfway with sand.  Drop in a battery powered votive. Wrap some wire, twine or fishing line around the top of the jar and hang from your trees for an instant glow that will last all night.
  • If you are hosting a lot of kids, there are numerous crafty things that can be done with jars as well. Click here for one of my favorites.

I hope this gives you a little inspiration to start thinking red, white and blue.  Check out some fun pictures below and get creative with your jars!!!

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