Lights. Camera. Action

Last week I traveled to our main office in Kokomo, Indiana to shoot some new product videos.  Needless to say the temperature drop was quite a shock to this southern girl’s system.  However, it was all worth it just to work with AIFD designers Derek Woodruff and Helen Miller who are both artistic geniuses.  For three days they designed arrangements that would be showcased in our videos. I was lucky enough to be right at their sides absorbing every creative morsel that I could.

I think you are going to love the new videos that we shot for two reasons. First, our new products are amazing. There is such diversity, the price points are excellent and they are just fun to look at (in industry language, they are “on trend”)! Secondly, the designs Derek and Helen came up with are incredibly creative and will get you thinking outside the box for sure.

If you haven’t already, visit Syndicate Studios on YouTube and subscribe.  You won’t want to miss these upcoming videos.  Until then, here is a sneak peek at our filming frenzy.

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