Mom Trends

Today I’ve been pondering Mother’s Day, as it is a few weeks away.  This year it has a new meaning for me as I’m about to have my first child.  I did a little research as a first timer to see what I might like to receive as a new mom.

My search of popular gifts for 2013 included everything from pajamas to jewelry to small appliances.  However, all of the lists did include flowers as a number one gift.  I have to say that I LOVE receiving flowers.  There is something about someone hand delivering a bouquet of fragrance filled color straight to my door that makes me a little giddy.

Since flowers have my vote this year (and probably every year to come) I looked into what’s trending this year for the big day.  The Society of American Florists already did the work by asking florists around the country the same question…here’s what they said:

Popular Flower Variety:

Traditional Color Trends:
Blush Pink, Antique Ivory, Cream Tones
Monochromatic Schemes of Berry Tones, Reds and Pinks

Bold Color Trends:
Hot Pink and Orange
Citron and Purple
Purple and Bright Green
Pink, Coral and Turquoise
Shades of Orange (Tangerine to Pink)

Floral Designs:
Floral arrangements designed in baskets
Garden style arrangements in vintage glassware
Simple mono-botanical designs in clear glass vessels

So there you have what’s trending for moms this year, I’m just excited to be a part of the club!  As always, I’d love to hear from you if you have insights to share.

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