Mother’s Day Mayhem

Mother’s Day is almost here…I’m sure those of you with shops are in full prep mode! I thought I’d ask an expert for some advice on how to manage this busy time of year. Tina Coker AIFD, AAF, PFCI of Designs of the Times Florist has offered to share her top 12 helpful hints for the holiday madness:

  1. Order product 6 weeks out so you don’t have to spend time during the holiday rush, ordering flowers.
  2. Create sales scripts for staff and limit your offerings to 13 designs.
  3. Create recipes that use full bunches, not odd numbers of stems.
  4. Use pre-made bouquets as a base to your design, it speeds up the manufacturing process.
  5. Use a fiber sleeve to protect your bouquets in the cooler.  It allows vases to be put closer together to create more storage space.
  6. If you do a lot of vase work, you don’t have to process your flowers twice.  Just take the flowers from the box to the vase and add Aquaplus to the water.
  7. Use color dots for your delivery zones. Place corresponding color dots on the envelope of the arrangement. This makes it easier for the drivers to pull routes as they are looking for a specific color.
  8. Create a stem count chart for arrangement recipes.  Designers can easily create designs based on the normal stem count for that size and/or price of the arrangement.
  9. Have drivers call on their way back to the store so the next route can be pulled and ready to go.
  10. Use stacking files so you can sort the bouquet type.
  11. Use assembly line design with one designer and 3 live bodies, you can produce more units an hour.
  12. Keep great records of what works and doesn’t work from year to year.

There you have it… some great advice from an expert!

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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  1. Bernadette Starling says:

    Our easy way is to use plastic shoe boxes and label each one with each special or item and put the orders in that i.e. doz roses, doz colored roses, love mom bouquet, single roses, plants, etc. Have color coded by using colored envelops for each delivery area and makes it even easier than looking for a dot but I understand if you have the fold up kind of paper work for each order.

    This is how we roll and it works great for us, hope it helps a fellow florist be more efficient.

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