Pampered Pets

I was browsing through some of our videos the other day and came across this unexpected Aquafoam design- a doggy cake kit.  The idea of it made me giggle at first but upon further thinking, I realized I know a handful of people who would definitely spend money on their dog’s birthday.

The pet industry has exploded in the last few years…thanks to celebrity pet owners.  Remember Leona Helmsley’s last request?  She left her Maltese a 12 million dollar trust fund…Really? The pet industry has also grown to include pet masseuses, elaborate pet wardrobes, spa treatments and Doga (dog yoga) just to name a few.  So why not get in on the fun (and profit)?  Try putting a doggie cake in your cooler, I bet you get some bites!

By the way, my dog’s birthday happens to be May 5th, Cinco de Mayo.  She’s grown to appreciate a good margarita!


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