Paper Petals

Last week as I was browsing through the wonderful world of Pinterest, I came across something that intrigued me.  I often look through the “Wedding” category and love to see all the different bouquet and floral ideas.  I came across this one image of a colorful, fun bouquet and as I looked closer I realized some of the flowers were made of paper.  These weren’t just cut and paste paper flowers, they were beautifully made and blended so well with the real thing.  They were used throughout the ceremony and reception for a touch of whimsy.  I know you are probably over the DIY thing, but this idea is so subtle and adds a surprise element that will leave your guests looking twice.

Below are a few images from this festive fete produced by Cedarwood Weddings. Be sure to check out the creative sign in page and boxed invitation…how fun!

For more inspiration and tutorials on flower making see our Pinterest Board.


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