Petal It Forward

This past weekend we had the opportunity to hit the streets with Charleston-based florist Tiger Lily Florist in their effort to Petal It Forward! Petal It Forward is a new initiative moving through the floral industry this month aiming to spread joy and happiness through the surprise gift of free flowers.  Charleston’s Petal It Forward took place during the city’s Second Sunday event which closes the popular King street to cars. Unsuspecting pedestrians were presented with two bouquets: one to keep and one to give away.  People’s reactions were priceless! Their facial expressions moved from shock, to awe, to pure joy. It was truly a privilege to witness! Throughout the day we continued to see people out shopping with their bouquets – it brightened up the entire street. Thank you to Tiger Lily Florist for letting us join in and to the Society of American Florists for getting this feel-good movement off the ground!

Check out #PetalitForward on Instagram and Twitter to see all of the smiles across the country!

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