Put the Bloom in your Bling

Today it’s all about the BLING…or maybe the BLOOM.  Instead of wearing fancy jewels on your wedding day why not wear your flowers?  I’ve been searching the internet and found some great inspiration from Green Wedding Shoes, Indeco Flowers and Datura. The floral necklaces that are featured today are a perfect accent to a sassy, strapless gown or an elegant, simple silhouette.  You could go really bold with full, lush and colorful flowers or go really subtle with a neutral or soft pastel palette…either way, what a statement!

This idea could also be a fun way to honor your bridesmaids.  How special it would be to adorn each of them with a handmade string of blooms.  You could customize the piece according to their favorite flowers and colors.  Of course, there is also the bonus of the sweet smell that would accompany them… no perfume needed!

I love the idea of for-going the bouquet and displaying your flowers in such an original and modern way.  After all, you’ll need your hands free to show off the ring bling!




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