SAF Profit Blast

This week my guest blogger is my Syndicate teammate, Anne McGowan.  She is our Marketing Specialist and traveled to Atlanta last week for the SAF Profit Blast.  I asked her to share a few tidbits for those of us who couldn’t be there….

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending SAF’s Profit Blast in Atlanta. The one day event kicked off with an exciting rundown of upcoming industry trends from Bill Schaffer AIFD, AAF, PFCI and Kristine Kratt AIFD, PFCI. Bill and Kristine hit on so many great points, from where to hunt for upcoming trends to how to reinvent what you currently have to make it work for the trends. It was a visual feast, and I want to share some favorites. Here’s a rundown of ideas and inspiration:

Ombre – This trend has been spotted in beauty, fashion, and home décor.

Urban Zen/ Eco Chic – This one is coming out of the global, Gypsy couture, Marrakesh/spice market trend. We’re seeing a transition from the rich, saturated hues to cooler, more organic shapes and forms.

Heirloom: This trend is going strong! We’ve gotten accustomed to trolling flea markets and estate sales for found objects and items that have a home-grown, wholesome quality to them. In many ways, this trend feels like a yearning for simpler times. To me, it almost gets a campfire feeling. Or a luxe hunting lodge.



Gilded age – This trend, like the others here, focuses on softening and taking the edge off the hard-core bling we’ve seen PLENTY of in recent years. Think Gatsby, Champagne, Art Deco.

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