2014 In Bloom

Looking for the latest and greatest flower trends for the 2014 wedding season? The Knot just published their picks for what’s blooming this year.  They’ve recognized 15 trends that brides are moving towards when it comes to incorporating flowers for the big day. I’ve put together the Cliffs Notes version below for those short on time. Otherwise, you can find the whole piece on their website.

  • Garlands: So many uses and adds color and texture
  • Roses: Making a comeback with so many varieties, especially Garden Roses
  • Local + Seasonal: Freshest blooms and cost-effective (win/win)
  • Trellis or Huppah: A floral focal point for the ceremony
  • Simple Bouquets: Look for proportion, Bride is the star of the show
  • Radiant Orchid: Regal and romantic color of the year
  • Ferns: Something different that mixes well with most flowers
  • Terrariums/Air Plants: Perfect for displays, no soil needed
  • White on White: Always on trend, different shades will add texture
  • Flowers Everywhere: Tables, walls, stairs, doors, trees (you get the point)
  • Big Blooms:  Big headed blooms for bouquets and arrangements
  • Luxe Look:  Timeless, glamorous feel (read: Candelabras and Caviar)
  • Cascade Bouquet: Organic and loose design, a feel of vintage romance
  • The New Boutonniere: A chance to fit the Groom’s personality
  • Mismatched Bouquets: A different flower for each bridesmaid in the same hue

Hopefully these ideas will help you gear up for the season…it’s almost upon us!!



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